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To do list for new employees

What you need to do in connection with your new enrollment at KTH.

If you are moving to Sweden from abroad 

If you are moving from abroad you have a number of tasks to complete before entering Sweden. KTH Relocation will give you useful support and can help with questions about residence permits and immigration, accommodation, population registration and personal number, insurances, etc.

1. Register at KTH Relocation

2. Follow Relocation's checklist

3. Inform your nearest manager and HR manager when your travel preparations are complete and you can decide on your start date at KTH.

Checklist for all new employees 

For salary and correct taxation

  • When you arrive in Sweden you will need to go to the tax office (Skatteverket) to get a Swedish ID-number. Make sure that you get a copy of the application with a stamp so that you can send this to your HR-contact so that your contract can be registered by our salary division.
  • Register your bank account number with Nordea
    • KTH's employer identification number (arbetsgivarnummer) at Nordea is 505751.
    • If Nordea do not have the bank transfer order, the salary will automatically be paid through the paying-out form which is sent to your address (see and change your address in the Self-reporting system, Mina personuppgifter/My personal data).
  • Submit your tax percentage note  (A-skattesedel) to your HR administrator to get the right tax deduction on your salary.

How to quickly become one of us

• Register to the mandatory introduction meeting for new employees at EECS .

EECS introductory meeting gives you the opportunity to get more information about your employment and your workplace, ask your questions and meet new colleagues. The time for the introduction is always between 9-11, and during the fall of 2020 the meetings will be held via Zoom. A link to the Zoom-room will be sent out to you once you have signed up.

• Sign up for the Welcoming day for newly recruited staff at KTH

The welcoming day is a KTH-wide introduction meeting that gives you opportunities for dialogue with KTH's management and knowledge of KTH's strategic goals, visions and special initiatives.

Get visible as a KTH employee

• Always use KTH's email signature. Import it here .

• Update your personal KTH profile page  with text and photo.

For your own safety

• Save in your mobile KTH's emergency number 08 790 7700, which you can call 24/7 in case of emergency. Here you will find more contact information for emergency situations .

• Note the evacuation routes and the location of fire extinguishers at your department and at the common areas at your address.

For the environment

• Take KTH's compulsory environmental course for employees  online.

KTH is certified according to ISO 14001, which requires that all KTH employees have a basic understanding of environmental work.