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International funding

Here you will find information especially about US funding and special criteria and processes to take into consideration. KTH also have other international research collaborations, e.g with China and other Asian countries. Please contact Research Support Office to learn more.

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United States

There are several funding opportunities for researchers at KTH to apply for funding and participate in projects funded in the US, especially in research related to health. Many US funding agencies use the online portal .

Guide to find out if you are eligible for "Federal funding opportunities".

Applications and support from Research Support Office


Research Support Office provides mainly application support pre-award. Project and budget administration are managed by financing officers at your school.

An individual researcher is not able to apply directly via; applications must be submitted by central administration at KTH. An application can be finalized by a researcher, marking it “ready to submit”. Then an AOR, Authorized Organization Representative, at Research Support Office (RSO) can submit the application.

In order for KTH to be able to submit an application, an signed approval from the school dean must be sent to RSO, ensuring that the school has the time and resources to support the project. NB. Many American funding agencies only cover indirect costs at a basic level and thus co-funding from the school will be a requirement.

Please note that some research projects with American funding, regulated by US legal framework, may have implications regarding IPR. Therefore, we recommend that you learn about the requirements for the grant you are interested in before you submit an application.

In order to ensure that KTH can approve and sign your application, please contact Research Support Office minimum eight days before deadline.

Financial conflict of interest, FCOI

The American Federal Health Authority (USPHS), and especially NIH have certain requirements for project participations funded by them (42 CFR Part 50).

As a recipient of funding, KTH must clarify the rules that regulate how researchers and their close relatives may benefit from the funding, through reimbursements in private companies or similar. KTH must review and report if there can be any financial conflict of interest in the funding of a project.

If there is a risk for conflict of interest, KTH should prepare an action plan to handle the situation and report this plan to the funding agency. KTH is also obliged to inform and educate the researchers who participate in the projects on the legal framework that regulate financial conflict of interests.

Special requirements for applications to NIH (National Institute of Health)

In the initial stages of an NIH-project we recommend that you make contact with RSO to get information about the special regulations related to NIH-projects.

Invoicing and payments

KTH can take part in NIH projects either as prime awardee or as subawardee which effects the procedure for managing invoices. As a prime awardee KTH requisite payment directly from the NIH system PMS (Payment Management System), quarterly or twice a year.

Staff costs

If your salary is paid by a NIH-project you must submit a time report. The project manager and the employee must both sign the monthly time reports.


If a researcher charges an NIH-project for air travel tickets, the booking must be done via an American airline or a company that has a code-share collaboration.


A maximum of 25 percent of the budget can be transferred between categories in a budget period. The main rule is that all funding in a budget period should be used in that timeframe. Transfers to coming periods may not always be approved.


In accordance with American regulations, KTH must carry out auditing for projects that have received federal funding of more than 750 000 USD per fiscal year. Research Support Office conducts the annual calculation of the total sum of federal funding.

Quick facts

For when applying to a US funding agency:

  • KTH is registered in
  • KTH`s DUNS number is 3505822680000
  • Research Support Office can help you to register a user at eRA-Common


  • Anna Hansson,  RSO, on general questions related to funding from USA
  • For legal inquiries related to US funding, please contact the Civil Law and Contracts unit via .
  • For issues related to finance or reporting related to US projects, please contact your local school financial officer.