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In order to perform your research, you often need to secure internal or external funding. Funding can be sought at the national and international levels through various means such as calls for proposals, scholarships, and donations. To assist you in the process, there is operational support with expertise in funding matters.

Proposal phase

Are you working on an extensive application to receive research funding? RSO offers support and expertise in all project life cycle phases, from preparation, initiation, and application to reporting. Support for agreements is located in the finance unit at the school.

International funding

On an international level, there are opportunities for funding from, among others, the USA and the EU, for example, through Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, ERC, and Horizon Europe.


Funding from USA

National funding

Find information on the most common financers in Sweden, current opportunities in Prisma, and KTH's specialised support for the Wallenberg Foundations.

Find calls

The portal Research Professional contains announcements from thousands of Swedish, European, and international financiers. At KTH, there are also internal calls from the research platforms and special calls via collaboration partners.

Fundraising and donations

As a researcher, you can receive funding from private actors, for example, private individuals, companies, and foundations, by conceptualising research projects and developing strategies for contact creation.

Contracts and agreements

When signing a contract or an agreement for a project, employment, or funding, there are matters to consider beforehand. Depending on the nature of the issues, support is found at RSO or the finance unit at your school.


Are you in need of assistance? There is professional support specialised in funding that can help you!

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