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Funding support

The Research Support Office can help you matters connected to national and international funding. For support with economy, turn to the professional support at your school.

Support with proposals

The Research Support Office (RSO) can provide support and expertise in all phases of your research project, from preparation, initiation, application and the contract phase, to execution and reporting.

Contact RSO with questions about research funding applications, and to book a meeting with one of our research advisors.

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International funding

ERC funding

If you are writing an application or have questions on ERC, contact RSO for support and advise:

Horizon Europe

Research Support Office can help you find current calls and give you guidance with your application for Horizon Europe funding.

E-mail address:

Support with economy

At your school are local economist to assist in matters of related to EU projects and funding:

  • Economy support at ABE: 

  • Economy support at CBH: 
  • Economy support at EECS: 
  • Economy support at ITM: 
  • Economy support at SCI:

For agreement advise and help, contact:

  • Agreement support at ABE: 

  • Agreement support at ABH: 
  • Agreement support at EECS: 
  • Agreement support at ITM: 
  • Agreement support at SCI:

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

For support in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) programme, contact:

Preaward ERC:

Postaward MCSA:
Anki Stjernberg
Research officer , +4687908208

American funding

For support in funding oppertunities in USA, contact:


National funding

For support in applications and processes for national funding, for example the Wallenberg Foundations, contact:

Private donations

For support in seeking and finding funding from private actors (private individuals, companies and foundations), contact the Developement Office.

Development Office

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