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National funding

This page contains information on the most prominent funding agencies in Sweden relevant to KTH, how to apply and when to contact Research Support Office.

On this page, we have gathered a list of the most prominent funding agencies from whom KTH receives external research funding. Please note that all applications for Wallenberg grants must be processed by the Research Support Office. For other national funding agencies, you can apply directly. There is a joint portal for applying to Formas, Forte and VR called Prisma .

To webpage on Prisma

List of prominent funding agencies

Applying for a project

Individual, national research projects are managed by the schools at KTH and the applications are handled by the research leaders themselves.

Collaboration projects can be a partnership with industry, public sector, other universities or academic institutions. In collaboration agreements, KTH should have partner status.

It is important that you contact Research Support Office in the planning phase of a collaboration project.

Two people sitting by a table, working and talking. Photo: Olof Holdar

RSO offers support by

  • Hosting information seminars, check the intranet calendar  and the RSO newsletter.
  • Provides information and manages the KTH process for selection of nominees to the Wallenberg Foundation grants. Check the intranet calendar  and RSO newsletter.