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Prisma - a service to simplify applications

Prisma is an e-service used by the Swedish Research Council (VR), Formas, Forte, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish National Space Agency, and the Swedish Institute for Educational Research. Prisma is used for applications, the review and signature process, and reporting.

Electronic data entered only once

Prisma  has been developed to simplify matters for researchers, funders/research councils, and universities. The idea is that you, as a researcher, enter information in Prisma once and can then reuse it for further applications and also several different funding bodies.

When using Prisma, all your information and signatures are electronic, meaning that you avoid paper copies and can enter details from anywhere. You do not have to worry about who will sign the application or carry out the financial reporting. Instead, this is handled by an organisational account at KTH, which distributes the information to the right person.

Benefits of Prisma for KTH

For KTH, Prisma offers an overview of applications and grants while enabling better follow-up and support. KTH has an organisation-level account; therefore, your school/department does not need its own account.

Sections in Prisma and routines at KTH

For help descriptions and step-by-step instructions, see Prisma's user manual . If you are unfamiliar with Prisma, their quick guide offers an introduction, Prisma's quick guide.

Create personal account

Detailed instructions for creating a personal account can be found in Prisma's user manual . RSO recommends that you create a personal account with SWAMID. Even if you create a personal account via SWAMID, you will receive separate login information for Prisma if you prefer to use that.

Information from Prisma

Important information

All Prisma users (researchers, signers, and administrators) must create a personal account. Also:

  • Participating researchers
  • Participating administrator

You can only have one personal account in Prisma, where you collect all your information. Therefore, remember that you can only have one or two e-mail addresses linked to your account and that the primary e-mail address is your username.

If you wish to invite someone to participate in your application, the invitation must go to one of the e-mail addresses that the person has linked to their account in Prisma.

Create an ORCID iD

Before you create your personal account in Prisma it is recommended that you create an ORCID iD, unless you already have one. Administrative staff should not create an ORCID iD.

KTH has been a member of ORCID since 2014 and has also created an ORCID application for creating an ORCID iD and connecting it to KTH.  It is also possible to connect an existing ORCID iD to KTH via the service. If you want to know more about ORCID at KTH, visit the Library's ORCID pages.


Recommendation: Create an ORCID iD (if you do not already have one). It is not necessary for administrative staff.

  1. Create personal account in Prisma, .
    1. Create personal account with SWAMID , see Prisma's user manual
  2. Click on the activation link in the activation e-mail (sender =
  3. Your account is now activated, and you can log in to Prisma. Choose Login with SWAMID to use your login credentials.


You will find all open calls under the tab Applications and Grants. For information, visit Prisma's user manual applications and grants


Different schools and departments/institutions might have different routines for applications. Please check with your school or department/institution which routines apply to you.

Step 1: Read the instructions for the call to see what information is requested and how it should be registered.

Step 2: It would help if you invited a school financial officer as a participating administrator to your application to allow them to see the budget. It is also recommended that you inform your head of department that you have started on an application and invite her/him as a participating administrator to your application.

View Prisma's user manual for participants

  • People who have not been invited cannot see that an application has been initiated, and you must invite any participating administrators yourself.
  • The invitation must go to the e-mail address that the person has registered as the e-mail address in Prisma. Otherwise, the connection will not work.

Please note that you cannot register your application if you have unanswered invitations to participating researchers or administrators.

Step 3: Invite participating researchers. Invite participating researchers early in the process so that they have time to submit their information (CV, publications, etcetera).

View Prisma's user manual for participants

  • The invitation must go to the e-mail address that the person has registered as the e-mail address in Prisma (not the username). Otherwise, the connection will not work.
  • The participating researcher can either: 1. add and edit information in the application and add his or her CV and publication list to the application, or 2: add his or her CV and publication list to the application

Please note that you cannot register your application if you have unanswered invitations to participating researchers or administrators.

Step 4: Complete the form for the application.

Verifying your application and checking for errors under the register menu is possible.

Step 5: Register your application.

It is possible to unregister your application until the deadline. In other words, you can make corrections and amendments until the call's deadline. If you unregister your application, you must remember to register your application again.

Step 6: Verify how your application looks as a PDF. You do this by choosing Select -> Show application (PDF).

Step 7: Signing of your application (which is performed after the call deadline).

This is performed by an authorised user in Prisma, usually the head of department or the dean. KTH Research Support Office is responsible for distributing the tasks for this step, and you do not need to perform this step yourself.

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail when your application has been signed.


In Prisma you can invite participating researchers and administrators to your application.

A fellow applicant can be invited to the application as a participating researcher on two levels:

  1. Read and edit the application and add their CV information and publications to the application.
  2. Read the application and add their CV information and publications to the application.

As the main applicant, you administer the permissions after the participating researcher has accepted the invitation.

Participating administrators do not take part in the application as fellow applicants. However, they can read and edit information in the application, for example, information on a school financial officer to verify the budget or the head of department to see the application.

Each account is connected to one e-mail, and the e-mail is the link to the personal account. The invitation must be sent to the e-mail that the participating researcher or administrator has connected to their personal account in Prisma. If the person you invite does not have an account in Prisma, they will receive instructions on creating a personal account.

You cannot register your application if you have unanswered invitations to participating researchers/administrators.

Prisma user manual


The budget routines can differ across KTH's schools. Please contact your school's financial officer regarding your local routines.

Calls for organisations

If the call concerns a grant on behalf of KTH (organisationsansökan), contact RSO .

Grants on behalf of KTH can, for example, be any of the following:

  • Graduate schools, guest researchers, operating grants for research coordination and institutes, journal grants, and grants for research infrastructure.
  • Contributions to (among other things) activities that support research, either in the form of a research environment, graduate schools, or research at national or international level.

For these grants, RSO must initiate the application in Prisma and then invite the project manager to the application. The project manager fills in the application and notifies RSO when it is complete and ready to be registered. For RSO to open an application, information about the project manager (name and e-mail) and project name in Swedish and English is needed.

RSO are responsible for signing the terms and conditions and handling inquiries during the project's duration, for example, matters such as the project extension.


As a researcher, you do not have to think about distributing the task to the right person for signing, as it is performed automatically by KTH's organizational account (administered by RSO). You do not need to distribute the task yourself. The distribution to the authorised user takes place after the call's deadline, and there might be some delay between the deadline and the signing of a receives the task.

Please note that after the call's deadline, it is not possible to make changes or amendments to your application. At this stage, your dean or head of department may only sign or deny the application and not make amendments or corrections.

After your application has been approved, it must be registered at KTH. Turn to the document coordinator at your school.  The decision's partial and final reporting must also be recorded.

Users and financial officers

Are you a financial officer with questions about Prisma? Or do your have issues with your personal account? Contact KTH's Prisma support .


  • Personal account or technical problems with Prisma: Prisma support form .
  • KTH's handling and routines regarding Prisma: RSO at
  • Budget: the financial officer at your department or the finance manager at your school.