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KTH Live-In Lab Datapool

Published Jun 12, 2020

KTH Live-In Lab´s Datapool is our portal for research data from our Testbeds (buildings) and research results. The idea is to collect, store and share data to accelerate innovation in the built environment. The Datapool is open for students, teachers, researchers and collaborating industry partners.

We are currently developing our Datapool, with a focus on access control in order to share data according to GDPR and other laws and regulations in order to share data according to GDPR and other laws and regulations. However, until everything is up and running there will be some hands-on work from KTH Live-In Lab to share and store data, but the data can be accessed. Besides the data sharing it is also possible to learn more about which sensors and systems are installed in each Testbed.

Datapool is being developed in collaboration with KTH Digitalization Platform.

To read more please visit KTH Live-In Lab Datapool

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