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About the platform

KTH has a very broad and deep research profile in the area of information and communication technology (ICT). KTH Digitalisation Platform consists of a dynamic research community with extensive industrial collaborations.


An important goal is to facilitate interaction between expertise at KTH and external partners in academia, the public and companies with an interest in ICT research. Examples of activities of KTH Digitalisation Platform:

  • Arranges workshops and seminars, often in collaboration with other platforms.
  • Financially sponsors membership in relevant organisations.
  • Financially sponsors a general platform support and conference organiser support.
  • Suggests external calls and events relevant for KTH researchers in digitalisation.

Target group

The main target group of KTH Digitalisation Platform's activities are researchers employed at KTH. However, external participants (such as representatives from industry or other research organisations) may also attend workshops and seminars arranged by the platform. External participants should then email . The activities are not open to the general public.

Most activities are announced KTH researchers on the internal pages of KTH Digitalisation Platform


Operational activities are run by the Digitalisation Platform team. The team is managed by the platform's steering group , consisting of the head of Schools and the KTH vice president of research who is responsible for KTH's research platforms . There is also a reference group.

Contact the Digitalisation Platform team

Reference Group

The reference group act as an advisory body to the KTH Digitalisation Platform.

Ivo Martinac
Ivo Martinac professor ABE Profile
Karl Henrik Johansson
Karl Henrik Johansson Professor, Director of KTH Digital Futures EECS Profile
Martin Törngren
Martin Törngren Professor, Director of ICES ITM Profile
Tuuli Lappalainen
Tuuli Lappalainen Professor, Director of SciLifeLab Genomics Platform CBH Profile
Yifang Ban
Yifang Ban Professor, Head of Division ABE Profile