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Internal pages of KTH Digitalisation Platform

The purpose of the internal web pages of KTH Digitalisation Platform is to build a multidisciplinary community for the researchers and students within the platform as well as building bridges to the other strategic research platforms at KTH - Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Transport and Life Science.



Matchmaking Event: Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare Research Call 2024

27 April 2023

Welcome to a matchmaking between Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare research, at KTH and Region Stockholm, related to the Health, Medicine and Technology (HMT) Project Call 2024.

KTH Digitalisation & Energy Platforms workshop

Data-driven methods with energy applications

14 September 2023

The digital transformation of the energy sector is seen as a key towards a more sustainable society, but the transformation poses many scientific challenges. The most innovative solutions often require competence from both the energy and digitalisation domains. This workshop is for researchers from both areas to inform and discuss the latest data-driven methods applied to the energy domain and applications in the energy domain that benefit from digitalisation solutions.


Quantum computing for engineering applications

10-11 October 2023

New date! Welcome to a workshop targeting the Noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) technologies, methods and algorithms, with a great focus on the applications and practical aspects of this. Besides presentations, the organisers will gather input from all the experts to develop a roadmap/agenda on the future of quantum computing. There is a list of around 10-15 confirmed external speakers, and the event will be open to other interested researchers at KTH.

Expert group network

Expert groups for advocacy and advice

Join the Digitalisation platform expert group network  to help us to represent KTH in European networks, meetings, special interest groups, partnership and expert feedback on programme drafts. The primary goal is to improve KTH presence in EU projects by networking and sharing KTH interests and benefit from our new Stockholm Trio (KTH, KI, SU) representative Dan Andreé in Brussel.

If you are interested on joining and/or have questions, please contact Associate Professor Ricardo Vinuesa  with CC .