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Internal pages of KTH Digitalization Platform

The purpose of the internal web pages of KTH Digitalization Platform is to build a multidisciplinary community for the researchers and students within the platform as well as building bridges to the other strategic research platforms at KTH - Energy, Industrial Transformation, Materials, Transport, and Life Science.


Expert group network

Expert groups for advocacy & advice

Join the Digitalization platform expert group network  to help us to represent KTH in European networks, meetings, special interest groups, partnership, expert feedback on program drafts, etc. Primary goal is to improve KTH presence in EU projects by networking and sharing KTH interests and benefit from our new Stockholm Trio (KTH, KI, SU) representative Dan Andreé in Brussel.

If you are interested on joining and/or have questions, please contact Associate Professor Ricardo Vinuesa  with CC .