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The Energy Platform's 2021 was the year we finally met again

KTH Energy Dialogue 2021 could be carried out onsite, and gathered just over 200 participants for discussions and new research findings in the energy field. Photo: Fredrik Persson
Published Dec 03, 2021

The major highlight of the year at the KTH Energy Platform was the KTH Energy Dialogue. Finally, we had the opportunity to meet again, make new contacts and be inspired by each other's progress.

Hello there, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, KTH Energy Platform director. What have been the highlights of 2021?

“In the spring term, the Energy Platform organized two major seminars. For the first seminar, we invited energy researchers from all over the country to contribute to work on the national electrification strategy . This also set the agenda for the rest of the year as we had a concerted focus on electrification, and I was invited by Sweden’s electrification commission to talk about the results of the seminar. And just before the summer break, we hosted a seminar in the Swedish parliament  along with Rifo, (the Swedish Society of Parliamentarians and Scientists), during which we had the opportunity to consider the content of the strategy. Also available on film . And now we’re wrapping up the year with a seminar in which we continue discussions about Sweden’s electricity supply .

“The major highlight of the year was to finally meet again ‘at home at KTH’ and to invite people to this year’s KTH Energy Dialogue . The event was a fantastic opportunity to finally meet again and to network. There was our open and inclusive poster exhibition, a wide variety of KTH’s energy researchers, and exciting guests from the industry on stage including our own honorary doctor Bo Normark from EIT InnoEnergy.”

This year, a lot of time was devoted to applying for research funding. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“We focused on research funding particularly in the spring. And now, during advent, we’re also waiting for confirmation from the Swedish Energy Agency regarding one of our larger applications. We have also participated in calls for proposals from, among others, the EU, Vinnova, the Swedish Research Council and Mistra. We have also given wide-ranging support to researchers who took the opportunity to participate in the EU’s European Green Deal initiative.

“In light of that investment, we can also look back at the results from the COP26 climate conference and emphasize the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels. If we are to succeed in time, we must take advantage of the various technological solutions that are available and continue to work on constantly streamlining and further developing technologies.”

Your popular college visits continued in 2021 – what do you get out of these visits?

“During these visits, we meet researchers on site in their research labs, this gives us deeper insights into their research. Visits improve contact between us and researchers planning new projects. They also provide great opportunities to extend a hand to those who need different kinds of support to move forward, and enable us to help them along the way with our regular internal funding announcements.”

Last but not least, you were named Power Woman of the Year 2021. So, for the coming year, you have the job of championing and increasing the visibility of female talent in the energy industry.

“I’m very honoured on a personal level to receive the award, at the same time as it highlights the work that we do within the Energy Platform. In fact, as early as 2019, the Kraftkvinnorna association praised our equality seminar in Almedalen.”

“We have a common overall goal for our research: to support the transition to a sustainable society. To achieve this, we need to include all talents. Working with diversity as an inclusive activity is obvious and necessary for us to achieve our goal. We care about running an inclusive business that is open and welcoming to all. The award citation also mentions the contribution to a more forward-looking education of tomorrow’s employees in the energy sector.”

“Next year, we’re planning to host a seminar that will highlight more ways to meet at the nexus of energy conversion, skills supply, and diversity. We see a considerable need for skills in the energy sector that requires us to capture all the talent that’s out there.”

“We also want to give a shout-out and welcome Sweden’s new minister of Energy and Digital Development Khashayar Farmanbar (Social Democrat) and wish him luck in his new role. Sweden, like Europe, is facing major challenges related to energy prices and electricity supply. We need to find multiple ways to collaborate and KTH is ready to help!”

“Lastly, to all you energy researchers at KTH from us on the Energy Platform: thank you so much for your fantastic work, you make a difference and we want to wish you a really happy advent and Christmas period and a really happy and fantastic 2022!”

Warm regards,
Lina Bertling Tjernberg and Christophe Duwig

Text: Magnus Trogen Phalén