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KTH Materials Platform coordinates and supports multidisciplinary research initiatives within the materials areas. The operational activities of the Platform team is led by a director, assisted by a deputy director, and supported by a platform coordinator and a research communicator. All KTH Research Platforms are managed by a steering group consisting of the School deans led by the chairperson who is the KTH vice president for research.

Non-personal email address

Platform team

Platform director

Deputy platform director

Björn Glaser
Björn Glaser
associate professor +4687908339

Platform coordinator

Platform administrator

Joy Roberts
Joy Roberts
plattformsadministratör +4687908267

Platform communications officer

Helena Mayer
Helena Mayer
research comm. officer +4687906957

Chair of platform steering group

Annika Borgenstam
Annika Borgenstam
professor, vice president +4687908396

Reference group

The reference group  act as an advisory body to the KTH Materials Platform.

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