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Video tutorial: Videoconferencing

Jump chapters using the menu in the upper left hand corner of the video.

Connection options

Most room systems can only connect directly to one other system, you connect to the other system by dialing its IP or SIP address.

For meetings with multiple participants, use Zoom (länk)

  • Video conferencing system with SIP or H.323 protocols (eg. Cisco Tandberg, Polycom or Lifesize). Use IP or SIP address to connect.
  • Computer with e.g. Zoom or Skype for Business.
  • Telephone – call in using telephone number or download Zoom app on your Android or iPhone. Use SIP address to connect when using app.

Calling a system using SIP address

Several video conferencing solutions use SIP, which allows you to connect to a room system, as well as virtual meeting using Zoom, Skype for Business, Zoom and WebEx.

You can call directly to another video conferencing system either by using its IP address or SIP address. We recommend that you primarily use the SIP address.

SIP Address
1. Dial the SIP address you have received for the other system e.g.
2. Press call.
3. Enter the numeric meeting password if prompted followed by #

IP Address
1. Dial theIP addressyou have received for the other system e.g.
2. Press call.

Guides on how to use the systems are located in meeting rooms with videoconferencing.

Note if the other participant is calling you, you need to supply them with your video conferencing systems IP or SIP address.

For meetings with multiple participants use Zoom that is compatible with: HD Videoconferencing systems, Web browser, Skype for business (Lync) and phone. You are able to book a Virtual Meeting by using your KTH Outlook calendar or Zoom schedule.

More about Virtual Rooms

Call another room system at KTH

To call another room system at KTH, select the addressbook feature on the remote controll and navigate using the arrows.

  1. Use the phone book functionality on your remote
  2. Scroll with arrows and select "My Organization -KTH"
  3. Select "Conference systems"
  4. Scroll with arrows and select correct video conferencing system

During the Videoconference

Presentation - During a call you are able to share your computer screen by connecting your computer to the system by using HDMI or VGA (check before meeting).

Mute - Some room systems have auto-mute when called into, when answering a call unmute.

Answer - Answer a call by pressing the green phone on the remote.

End Call - End a call by pressing the red phone on the remote.