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How to convert a regular zoom meeting into webinar

The guide below shows how you can convert a zoom meeting into a webinar meeting once you get the license from IT-Support

  1. Go to “” and click on the meeting and Schedule a meeting
    1. Give it the same name as the webinar meeting, time and date
  2. Make sure you highlight the “Registration” button if you want people to register for the webinar
  3. Always use "Generate Automatically"
  4. Make sure to save it
  5. When you receive the webinar license from IT-Support go to the meeting you previously created and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  6. You should be able to see the small text” Want a webinar instead of a meeting? Convert this Meeting to a Webinar”. Press on that
  7. Accept the converting to webinar and that this action cannot be undone
  8. That is it. You have now a webinar meeting.
    1. Continue with adding panelist to your webinar
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Last changed: Nov 30, 2021