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Share files and folders in KTH OneDrive

About sharing files and folders in KTH OneDrive

Quick reference guides for sharing files and folders

In OneDrive, you can manage your folders and files similarly as on a computer, regardless of which user interface you use. Here you find links to information and instructions on how to share files and folders in KTH OneDrive.

Share files and folders

  • Share a file or folder
  • Get a link for sharing
  • See files people shared with you
  • See who you shared a file with

Share files with OneDrive (

Create a file request

  • Requesting files
  • Getting a file request
  • Stop requesting files

Create a file request (support

Add shortcuts to shared folders 

  • Add shortcuts
  • Move a shortcut to a shared folder

  • Find shared folders in your OneDrive

  • Removing or deleting shared files and shared folder from your OneDrive