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KTH E-mail on iPhone/iPad - Apple Mail app

Quick reference guide about connecting iPhone/iPad to the KTH Exchange server in Apple Mail app.

If it is the first e-mail account you are going to add on your iPhone/iPad, Click on the MAIL icon and continue from step 4. Otherwise start at step 1.

  1. Click the Settings icon on your iPhone​/iPad
  2. Choose Mail
    Mail button is selected
  3. Choose Accounts
    Accounts is selected
  4. Choose Add account​
    Add account is selected
  5. Choose Exchange​
  6. Fill in the following:
    Description: Choose your own description
  7. Choose Configure Manually.
  8. Fill in the following:
    Password: Your password
    Description: Your own description
  9. Fill in the following:
    Usernamne: Your username
    Password: Your password
  10. Choose if you want to syncronize Mail Contacts, Calendards, Reminder and/or Notes and click on Save.
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Last changed: Jul 22, 2022