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Information about e-mail at KTH.

Malicious emails

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Email and the KTH account

As an employee or student at KTH you will have a personal user account with a unique "username". An mailbox with the address is generated for every user account.
The easiest way to access your mailbox is from the web by visiting  in your favorite web browser. You can also read your emails in a variety of email clients on your computer or mobile devices. You will find settings guides and instructions for some of the most common email clients in this section.
If you are not employed by KTH you can (KTH employees can, but are prohibited)  forward your KTH email to an external email address from the Personal menu. Forwarded emails cannot be access through KTH as they never pass any KTH systems. KTH will in no way be liable for forwarded emails.

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Last changed: Oct 27, 2020