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In addition to information about e-mail at KTH, you will, on these pages find quick reference guides on how to set up your e-mail on your computer and mobile, configure automatic replies, handle malicious e-mail, share a mailbox or how to copy e-mails and recover deleted items and more.

Malicious e-mail

Read more about what you need to do if you have been exposed to an e-mail of a harmful nature.

Spam and Phishing

Deactivation of e-mail at KTH

Read more about deactivation of e-mail account at KTH,

Information about KTH e-mail

As an employee or student at KTH, you will have a personal user account with a unique “username”. A mailbox with the address your is generated for every user account.
Read more about your KTH account on the page About KTH account.

Get started

You reach your KTH e-mail via KTH Webmail or by configuring an e-mail client on your computer or mobile devices. A quick reference guide for this is found on Get started with your e-mail .

Manage your mailbox

Questions about automatic replies, as well as information about manage attachments in e-mail and various quick reference guides for KTH Webmail or e-mail applications, can be found at Manage your mailbox .

E-mail for mobile devices

Learn how to set up your own e-mail or shared mailbox on your phone.

E-mail settings for mobile devices

Shared mailbox

Learn how to add a shared e-mailbox in KTH Webmail and to the most common e-mail clients at Shared mailbox .

E-mail forwarding

If you are not employed by KTH, you can choose to forward your e-mail to an external e-mail address through the Personal menu . E-mails that are forwarded can never be accessed via KTH, as these never end up in KTH's system. KTH also takes no responsibility for what happens to e-mails forwarded via KTH.
Please note that employees can, but are not allowed to forward their e-mail, you can read more about it on the Rules governing e-mail forwarding .