Add a shared email box with IMAP

About how to add shared email box "in Swedish often called funktionsbrevlåda" when using IMAP

This HOWTO shows how to use Outlook, but it is tried out and works in Thunderbird and ought to work using other email clients.

 Choose to configure manually, then click Next

 Make sure Internet-email is chosen as seen below and click ”Next”.

For User information write name and email of the shared mailbox. For server information choose account type IMAP. Server in should be and server out Log-in information is The shared mailbox name is not the same as Contact KTH IT Support to get the full shared mailbox name, tel 08-790 6600 or send an email to The password is the very same as used by the personal account. Then click ”More settings”.

Go to Advanced and swap server port in for 993 and server port out for 465. Encryption SSL should be activated for both incoming and outgoing server.

Go to Outgoing server and check ”Outgoing server (SMTP) demands authentication”. Check ”Log in as” and add private KTH username and password. Click OK.

 Click OK, then Finish

The pdf below contains the instructions in Swedish

Pdf-format för utskrift (pdf 315 kB)

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