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Shared mailbox

Quick reference guides that describe how you can add a shared mailbox in KTH Webmail and in the most common e-mail clients.

A function address can be created as a shared mailbox or as a distribution list. With a shared mailbox, e-mail comes to a separate inbox and you can send e-mails as the e-mail address. You need to have a KTH account to connect to a shared mailbox.
With a distribution list, e-mails sent to the address comes to the members own e-mail inbox. External (non KTH) addresses can be added to a distribution list.

Shared mailbox using webmail

Shared mailbox by webmail

Shared mailbox using Outlook

Windows: shared Outlook 2016 mailbox

Add a shared mailbox in Outlook 365 Pro

Mac: Shared mailbox in Outlook 2016

Shared mailbox using Thunderbird

Ubuntu: Shared mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu