Outlook signature templates

Instructions about using signature templates in Outlook

To improve a more uniform KTH when it comes to email KTH has a incommon emplyee email signature. The signature exist on different levels of KTH like school, maintainance, library, joint center etc.

To make changes in existing signatures, scroll down to "Make changes in signatures".

Example of signature

Import new signatures in Outlook

Download the signatures by clicking on this link and choose to save the file. Signature (zip 62 kB)

OBS! only when using Outlook 2010 on MS Windows 7 computers (like the WIKS service).

Save the signature.zip file to the signatures folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures

OBS! The path needs to be written manually, this while the folder is hidden. Copy and paste the bold text above in the address field, and press Enter to jump to the folder.

 Then click Save


After download click ”Open Folder”.

Right click on the signature.zip file and choose ”Extract All..” and in the dialogue pop-up, write the path to the Signatures folder as shown below.

Save the files in the same folder as the downloaded file C:\Users\"Ditt användarnamn"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures. Swap "Ditt användarnamn" to your own username.

Click ”Extract” to extract the files.

Following files should now be hosted in the Signatures folder. This window can be closed.

Make changes in signatures

The downloaded signatures do not have your name and other data so you have to change that.

Start Outlook and go to ”File” in the menu, then click ”Options

In the ”Outlook Options” menu choose ”Mail” followed by ”Signatures..”

In the Signatures and Stationary window four new signatures are hosted (two text and two graphical) to modify (but for earlier ones You might have since earlier).

Adjust the signatures (write proper address, phone etc.), save between steps (from template to next template)

There are links with your e-mail address in the signature (the blue text). These have to be replaced both as text and as links. Do like this:

  • Firstchange the text so your e-mail address is right.
  • Mark the whole e-mail address.
  • Click om the small globe with a chain (link) to the right.

To get space after the KTH logotype and Your name (in the graphical signatures), add a row break between those.

Up right You can also choose if, and if so what signature should be used as default writing new emails along with replies and forwarded emailsn.

Click OK to save.

Sending email using Outlook below Message –> Signature You can choose to add or swap existing default signature picked earlier.

Observe the signature should be used as a whole, as seen above, removal of parts is as own variations is not an option. The official standard is the one to be used.


If WIKS user feel free to get in touch with IT-SupportCenter (it-sc@kth.se) to ask questions within the field of KTH signatures using Outlook. Rest of KTH staff should go to their local IT-Support.

For questions around the signature layout the source of information is Department of Information at grafiskprofil@kth.se

Below You find a pdf with the instructions in Swedish

    •  "Text to display" will have your e-mail address since that was the text you marked in the previous stage.
    • The "E-mail address" must be changed to have the text mailto:and your e-mail address. Example: mailto:username@kth.se
    • Click OK to save.
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