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Get started with your e-mail

Quick reference guides that helps you with e-mail settings for KTH e-mail.

E-mail settings for mobile devices

If you have a mobile device, go to E-mail settings for mobile devices .

E-mail settings for the most common e-mail clients


KTH Webmail


About using new Outlook for Windows

Newer Windows 11 devices have the new Outlook as the default mailbox application. The new Outlook is not a supported e-mail client at KTH, since the on-premises Exchange accounts aren't supported by the new Outlook app.

If you wish to use Outlook client on your Windows 11 computer, you have to use the Outlook client version within the Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, KTH E-mail in Windows - Outlook 365 .

KTH E-mail in Windows - Outlook 365

KTH E-mail in Windows - Outlook 2016

KTH E-mail in MacOs - Outlook 2019

E-mail software included in operating systems

KTH E-mail in Windows - Windows Mail

KTH E-mail in MacOs - Apple Mail and Calendar


Settings for Thunderbird

Other e-mail settings


IMAP Settings


On the page KTH's e-mail signature  you will find quick reference guides that show you how to import signatures into the most common email clients.

Create a new outlook profile on Windows

For instance, you might need to create a new profile in Outlook if your old has become corrupt. You find information on hos to do it on this page Create a New Outlook Profile in Windows .