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Classrooms at KTH Campus

The classrooms listed on this page have been adapted for Zoom and hybrid teaching with a document camera with a built-in microphone. The new technical equipment is connected via an USB cable and is compatible with Zoom.

In addition to the rooms with built-in video conferencing systems  and lecture halls , a number of classrooms have been prepared to easily conduct video meetings with Zoom, for example for both distance and hybrid teaching.

The classrooms have document cameras installed to facilitate the opportunity for you as a teacher to convey what you write on paper to everyone in the room and in Zoom. You show this camera instead of the camera that shows you, it is not possible to have both running at the same time on the same login in the meeting.

The different document cameras

Photo of document camera in a kecture hall, connected to laptop.
Wolfvision document camera
Photo of a document camera
Epson ELPDC21 document camera
Photo of a document camera
Optoma DC556 document camera

When using the document camera, you place the paper you are writing on directly under the camera, and the camera focuses automatically.

There is a document camera in each classroom, but there are several brands of document cameras. All brands work similarly and connect in the same way, but have different names in Zoom. The document camera is either called "UVC-Camera", "Epson" or "Document Camera" in Zoom.

In Zoom, you can find your connected cameras either under the Zoom settings (  or by clicking the arrow pointing upwards next to the camera button when you start the Zoom meeting.

Note that the document cameras have a built-in microphone (except for Wolfvision). The camera microphone is suitable to use if you remain seated at the camera, but otherwise it is recommended that you purchase a separate microphone, such as one from the page about complementary microphones .

Connect the document camera with the USB cable

The document camera is connected to the computer with the available USB cable.

Note: Make sure you have the right type of USB port on your computer, or buy an adapter. Read more on the page Connect with USB in Zoom and hybrid rooms .

Classrooms with a document camera

The following classrooms have a document camera installed. The rooms are in alphabetical order based on the name of their building.

D building

D31 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)

D32 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)

D33 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)

D34 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)

D35 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)

D37 (Lindstedtsvägen 9)  (also has video camera and microphone)

E building

E32 (Osquars backe 2)  (also has video camera and microphone)

E33 (Osquars backe 2)

E34 (Osquars backe 2)

E35 (Osquars backe 2)

E51 (Osquars backe 2)

E53 (Osquars backe 18)

K building (Kemi)

K51 (Teknikringen 28)

K53 (Teknikringen 28)

L building (Lantmäteri)

L31 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L43 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L44 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L31 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L41 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L42 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

L51 (Drottning Kristinas väg 30)

M building (Maskin)

M31 (Brinellvägen 64)

M32 (Brinellvägen 64)

M35 (Brinellvägen 64)

M36 (Brinellvägen 64)

Q building

Q11 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q13 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q15 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q17 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q22 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q24 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q26 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q31 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q33 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q34 (Malvinas väg 6B)

Q36 (Malvinas väg 6B)

V building (Väg och vatten)

V22 (Teknikringen 72)

V23 (Teknikringen 72)

V32 (Teknikringen 72)

V33 (Teknikringen 72)

V34 (Teknikringen 76)

V35 (Teknikringen 76)


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