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Connect with USB in Zoom and hybrid rooms

Technical equipment is often connected with USB connectors, but there are several different types of USB, so how do you know if you have the right portt in your computer? It is extra important to know in all Zoom and hybrid rooms at KTH, because USB-A is the only form of connection there. This page explains the difference between the two most common types of USB, USB-A and USB-C, and what you need to do if you do not have the right socket.

Correct USB type required to connect

The USB connection referred to in lecture halls and classrooms is of the USB-A type, but some laptops only have USB-C ports. If you have USB-C, you will need an adapter, and possibly a USB hub, which is explained below.

Do I have USB-A or USB-C?


Photo of the connection part of a USB-A cable.

USB-A is the larger variant. The port in the computer is just over a centimeter wide and rectangular, while the cable has a rectangular metal connection with two, small square holes on the top and bottom. USB-A is the type of connection that is most common for webcams, microphones and headsets.


Photo of the connection part of a USB-C cable.

USB-C is a smaller variant. The port in the computer is just under a centimeter wide and with rounded corners, while the cable has a thin metal connection with rounded edges and no holes on the top or bottom. Laptops have started to use the USB-C connection type more and more instead of USB-A, mainly thin and slim laptops. USB-C is also common among mobile phones and tablets.

Get the correct port with USB adapter or USB hub

If your computer does not have the ability to connect with USB-A, you need an adapter, or USB hub, which gives you the ability to connect correctly.

KTH has no adapters or USB hubs available, you have to buy it yourself. For more information, read more on the page about USB-tillbehör .


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