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Fixed telephony

We will phase out our landlines completely from the switchboard and for those of you who still have them and have problems, you can make a fault report that will be sent to us at teleservice, but first try below.

Before you do error report

Pull out the cord for 2 minutes then the phone restarts.

Check that the error isn’t because the telephone is broken. Therefore, always test with another telephone (same model) and cord. Different devices require different types of cord so always change the cord when testing a different device.

If the connection still doesn’t work after your checkup you can make an error report to:

The information we need to make an error report are

  • Which telephone number is it regarding?
  • Which room/ socket?
  • Which telephone model do you have?
  •  Describe the problem
  •  For how long have you had the same problem?
  •  How often does is happen?

Obs! If a technician comes and there is a problem with the customer’s device then there will be a charge of 400:-/hour.

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Last changed: Aug 28, 2023