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My Settings in CMG Web

In my settings, you can change passwords, change languages, and see what information is available about yourself in the system.

Change password

To change a password, click Change Password. Fill in any old password, do not you leave that line empty. Enter your new password and verify this, click OK.
The system has predefined how many characters the password must contain at least, and if it is sensitive to upper and lowercase letters.

Change the language

If you want to change language, click Change Language. You will get a list of available languages. Select a language by selecting it, click Save.

Change user information

If you want to change any of your information, click Change User Information. An amendment request is sent by e-mail to the company's operating operator. Log in with your extension and any password. Register your changes to the change form and click Request change. You can not change the database directly without this being done by the operating operator at the time.

Change calendar settings

Here you can change the settings for handling activities in the Outlook calendar.

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Last changed: Nov 24, 2022