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KTH facilitates printing for students and employees.
The printers are available at KTH and can be used from computer labs, shared and private computers.

Printing at KTH

There are several printing systems at KTH, which give the possibility for printing in computer labs, other common computers and from your own computer.

A network printer close to you

Some printers are network printers, where you print to a specific printer placed in a specific location. In order to use a network printer you need to find, set up and activate each printer on the computer. 

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KTH-Print everywhere at KTH

Other printers are KTH Print, where you print to a printer queue and then get your printouts at any printer– no printing is done until you have logged in and identified yourself at the printer. You can then be sure of where your printouts are and that no one have taken them before you come to the printer.

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