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KTH-Print is the printing solution for printing for everyone everywhere at KTH.

Printing with KTH-Print

  •  You print as usual but to get your printouts you will need to re-register your access card once. You do this by “blipping” your access card at the printer and then log in with your KTH username and password on the printers display.
  • If your computer is fully managed by yourself (Stand-Alone)
    • New installations file for the KTH-Print is published and have to add a new KTH-Print printer queue as instructed on KTH-Print Standalone computer  .
  • Buttons on the user interface on the printers panel:
    • "Waiting" button - for printing new jobs
      • unprinted jobs remain in the queue for 3 days before being purged
    • "Printed" button - select for jobs already printed
      • You can re-print jobs already printed directly from the printer within 24 hours
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Last changed: Jan 04, 2023