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Managers of competence centres

There are several competence centres at the school, each led by a manager.

Center Contacts

Center for Mechanics and Materials – MMD

MMD website

Center for X-rays in Swedish materials science – CeXS

CeXS website

Centre for Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems - DMMS

DMMS website

Excellence in production research – XPRES

XPRES website

Hero-m 2i

Hero-m 2i website

Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems – ICES

ICES website

Integrated Transport Research Lab – ITRL

ITRL website

KTH Live-in Lab

KTH Live-In Lab website

Lean Centre

Lean Centre website

Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab – PMH
PMH website


Prototype Center

Prototype Center website

Center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications – TECoSA

TECoSA website

House of Science (Vetenskapens hus)

House of Science website

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Last changed: Dec 30, 2021