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Financial team

The financial team at the ITM school is responsible for the school's economy. Here you can find contact information to all emplyees in the financial team as well as e-mail adresses for specific financial topics.

The financial team is divided into a project group where the financial officers work with one or several specific departments and an account group working with invoice processing in EFH. The team also has to financial officers working specifically with EU projects.

Contact the financial team

You can reach the ITM Financial team through for general issues or for matters about EU projects.

For project matters at different departments, please e-mail:

Purchasing Manager can be reached through .

Accounting Manager can be reached through .

Visiting address is Sing-Sing, Lindstedtsvägen 30.

There are useful links and forms at the finance pages of ITM

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager can also be reached through .

We work with finance

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Last changed: Aug 09, 2022