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IT support at the ITM School

There is IT support to get both on a central level through and through the IT Coordinator of the ITM School.

Local IT support

When you need help with IT related matters contact KTH IT Support by emailing  or calling 08-790 66 00.

The cases that cannot be resolved in the first contact with the user will be escalated to the right competence. In cases where the matter needs to be handled on site, a local IT technician will contact the user and book a time.

Contact IT via the Portal for IT matters

IT Coordinator

The ITM school's IT Coordinator is responsible for capturing, formulating and coordinating the school's IT needs and is the school's contact person when it comes to planning larger IT-related activities (eg changing printers, moving etc.). Contact the ITM school's IT Coordinator through .

Local IT Technicians

Local IT Technicians are located at the school and are divided into three teams. 

Team ITM Nord supports:

  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Production Engineering
  • Machine Design


  • Brinellvägen 23, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Brinellvägen 68, next to Service Center

Team ITM Syd supports:

  • Industrial Economics and Management
  • Learning


  • Lindstedtsvägen 30, Industrial Economics and Management (Sing-Sing)
  • Osquars Backe 31, Learning (KTH Library)

Team Södertälje supports:

  • Sustainable Production Development


  • Kvarnbergagatan 12, 2nd floor
Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Jan 23, 2023