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Purchasing IT products

Purchasing of IT products such as licenses, computers, mobile devices, programs that apply at the ITM school is described here.

Please keep in mind that you can always turn to the IT support if you need support, via the Edge portal  or phone 08-790 66 00.

Purchases of computers, mobile devices, licenses and telecommunications

  1. If you need help filling out the form, contact your local IT technician by sending an e-mail to .

Ordering Portal for ITA Services

Ordering of other ITA services such as KTH Windows, KTH Mac and licenses etc. is done through the ordering tool by designated clients for the ITM school, such as unit managers, function managers and operations controllers. 

  1.   If you are not a designated client, find the right person here (Swe)
  2. Contact your designated client and describe what you need. Also put your nearest manager in copy, as they need to confirm the order.
  3. Designated clients can find the Ordering Portal for ITA services here
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Last changed: Oct 12, 2022