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Order IT services and licenses

Information and management for the services and licenses that are ordered through ITA — ordering portal.

IT services and licences

KTH's IT department offers the following IT services and licences in ITA — the ordering portal for staff at KTH. These can be ordered for internal debiting on a timed basis.

Ordering IT services and licences

In ITA - Ordering portal, you can order the mentioned IT services and licences above. However, if you want to order computers, other IT equipment or licenses that are not in the range above, go to IT products .

Log in to the portal

You log in with your KTH account. If you work remotely, you need to connect your computer to VPN at KTH .

Log in to ITA - Ordering portal
Orders are handled in ITA - Ordering portal and can only be placed by authorized purchasers  from each individual school at KTH. If you want to become a purchaser for your school, ask one of the authorized purchasers or your nearest chief to Contact KTH IT-Support .

Manage orders and user profiles

If you want to add or cancel an order, or change a user's department or school, you can do so by adding or editing an existing order or user profile.