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IT orders

Here you will find links and instructions regarding IT orders.

KTH account

A KTH Account will be automatically created when a person is registered as employee in HR+ or as a student in Ladok and will be available when the employment or course starts. In some exceptions, we can create a KTH Account manually.

Order KTH Account through the Portal for IT matters

IT Services and licenses

Some IT services and licenses that we charge for are ordered through the ITA - ordering tool. IT workplace (KTH Windows. KTH MAc or KTH Ubuntu) and some license could be order using that tool.

Order IT services and licenses

IT Products

KTH IT-Support assists schools and employees at KTH with the acquisition of IT-related equipment. KTH IT has developed a number of standard products that are well suited for KTH's organization, with the goal of achieving good performance at favorable prices.

Ordering IT-Products

Telephone services

All new orders and changes to existing orders must be made via the appropriate order form. Here you can order a mobile subscription, digital or analogue extension or mobile broadband.

Ordering telephony services


Ordering of multi function printer (KTH Print) and other network printers is done through the order portal WISUM.

When ordering network installation and printer queue for KTH Print and other printers, contact .

Order KTH Print and help with other printer questions

Ladok certificate

Ordering, cancellation and renewal of Ladok certificates can be done via an order form.

Order Ladok certificate through the Portal for IT matters