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Ordering IT-Products

On this page you find information on how to order IT products. KTH IT has developed a number of standard products that are well suited for KTH's organization, with the goal of achieving good performance at favorable prices.

Important notice

Before ordering, you need the organization name and Agresso financial project code that will be used for the purchase. Examples found in the quick reference guides on this page.

Ordering of IT products and services

Orders for computers, accessories, licenses, mobile devices and telephone subscriptions are made via the following links:

Order IT products (hardware and software)

Order mobile subscription

Order IT Workplace and license subscriptions

Disposal or transfer of equipment

Order KTH Print and help with other printer questions

Quick reference guides for ordering IT products

Ordering a laptop computer

Ordering a desktop computer

Ordering IT accessories

Ordering a mobile phone

Order with Wisum shopping cart

Ordering software

Order aproval

This happens after you place your order:

  • The order goes to the financially responsible person for approval
  • The order is then received by the IT purchaser (if it was approved in the step before)
  • The IT purchaser checks the products, contacts the customer in case of adjustments and then places the order
  • Delivery to IT Support, where the delivery is checked regarding the number of parcels and possible injuries
  • The hardware (computers & mobiles) is registered in IT's inventory register
  • Depending on the product, separate deliveries will be made
  • Platform computer is handed over for installation
  • Delivery or collection in KTH Entré is planned
  • An introduction is given if that is desired