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Ordering software

On this page there is a quick reference guide on how to order a software for your computer.

To order software navigate to the page Order Software .

How to order software

  1. Fill in the relevant fields, with information about the software you want to order, how many licenses it applies to, and to which computer platform the software should be used on.

    Fill the fields to order software
  2. Calculate the total sum of your computer configuration and possible extra accessories and write it in the Estimated budget box (1).
    Choose the School, organisation and project code (2).
    Choose End User e-mail address (3).

    Fill in the fields for funding
  3. Click on the blue button at the bottom right "Continue to confirmation".

  4.  Check and "Confirm" summary

    Screenshot: Confirm summary.
  5. You will see the order under My open requests with the current status of your order
    Screenshot: Your open requests.
  6. Check that everything is correct with the order. If you want to cancel the order if for instance you see that you have selected the wrong model, click on the arrow and press"Cancel". This should be done as soon as possible to prohibit order approval.
    Screenshot: Cancel your order.