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How to create accessible documents

Here you can learn how to make documents for web publishing accessible, and make sure that they meet the legal requirements and are readable for all individuals, regardless of disability.

If you have an existing PDF and you are not sure if it is ok:

  1. Check the PDF with any of the tools presented under Check your PDF below.
  2. The easiest way is to open the source file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and make adjustments to it.
  3. Save as PDF.

If you are going to create a new document from scratch:

  1. Use a ready-made KTH template if available.
  2. Make as few changes as possible in heading levels, paragraph breaks and more.
  3. Watch the tutorials for each document type and follow the steps.
  4. Save as PDF.

Instructions for different document types

PowerPoint Presentations

Text guide step-by-step:

13 minutes long tutorial:

What you need to think about (and where to find it in the video):

  1. Use templates and precreated layout designs (0:35 min)
  2. Add a titel for the document (0:58 min)
  3. Run an accessibility check (1:37 min)
  4. Add alt-texts for images (2:26)
  5. Add a slide title (4:27)
  6. Adjust the reading order (6:06 min)
  7. Text as pure text (9:00)
  8. Tables need headlines (10:20)

Word Documents

3+3 minutes long tutorial in two parts:

(By National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials)

Excel Documents

Text guide step-by-step:

11 minutes long tutorial:

(By National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials)

Check your PDF

Simple tool for free

If you don't have a licence for Adobe Acrobat Pro you can check your PDF online on (Swedish) .

Check and adjust directly with Adobe Acrobat Pro

In Adobe Acrobat Pro you can check the accessibility of your PDF. There is an Accessibility Report that you can run, and you can adjust common errors such as adding tags, title and adjusting heading levels.

Text guide step-by-step:

PDF accessibility check in Adobe Acrobat Pro (Swedish)

3 minutes long tutorial on how to tag your PDF:

(By Foxit Software, Inc.)