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EU projects

Process for EU projects

At the time of application

Always contact Research Office (RO) for assistance with the application. In cooperation with KTH's lawyers, RO will review the application so that KTH's rights are met. It is KTH that is responsible for the EU project and the researcher is the responsible project manager.

A copy of the application must be submitted to the finance administrator.

Application granted

Once the application has been granted by the EU Commission, the Financial Administrator handles the following in cooperation with the project manager:

  • Before the contract is signed by KTH and sent to the Commission, the schools dean must approve the project by sending the form The School's confirmation (doc 176 kB)   to RO.
  • Continuous contact with RO so that all agreements are signed.
  • The contract is registered in the W3D3.
  • The contract will receive a project number.
  • An agreement between KTH and employee / employee researchers on the project are signed and forwarded to RO. The original is archived in W3D3 and a copy is added to the project file.
  • Budget established.
  • The finance administrator is responsible (in cooperation with the project manager) for the financial reporting to the coordinator / EU Commission. The researcher is responsible for the scientific reporting.
  • When KTH is the coordinator of a project, the finance administrator is responsible for the contact / information to other parties regarding the financial reporting.
  • Everyone who participates in an EU project will write time reports each month.
  • Apply for co-financing with 20% from RO.
  • When the project is completed, the documents of the project will be handled in different ways. Folder Research documents at KTH (only in Swedish)  show which documents are to be archived and which can be duplicated.

Administrative support

RO has a  with links, instructions, templates and practical help to facilitate the work of EU projects for economists / administrators.

You can find more information here .

Contact financial administrators

Contact EU project economists at SCI School