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Process for grant and assignment contracts

1) A copy of the application must be submitted to the financial administrator. Both the notice of rejection and approval of the application must be submitted to the administration.

2) Once the application is approved, original contracts will be provided to the Financial Administrator who will ensure:

  • Right person will sign the contract.
  • Contract will be sent back to the grantor / client.
  • Contract will be registered.
  • Contract will get a project number.
  • A copy of the contract is submitted to the responsible project manager including the project number.
  • Budget will be established.

3) Requests / invoicing of grants are managed continuously by financial administrator.

4) During the project period, the project manager can keep track of project costs through the VIS system.

5) A continuous financial follow-up takes place during the project in consultation with the Project Manager.

6) Economic report (when required) is always done by Financial Administrator.

7) A copy of the scientific report must be submitted to the administration for registration.

8) When the project is completed, the documents will be handled in different ways. The folder 'The future of research' shows which documents that must be archived.

Research Agreement for research consortia

Research agreements for project managers and other participating researchers must be signed in research projects in collaboration with business and / or other university parties. Information and access to the agreements can be found on the central webpages about research support.

Research Agreement for research in consortia and ERC grants