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Internal nominations for Head of School, School of Engineering Sciences (SCI), KTH

Published Sep 30, 2019

The Nominating Committee welcomes you who are employed or studying at the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI) at KTH to nominate one or more candidates (you can also nominate yourself) to the position as Head of School at SCI.

The nomination committee consists of the permanent nomination group (Dean of faculty and the Vice President for Education will be replaced by the Vice Dean of Faculty and the Deputy President) and representatives from the SCI School’s strategic council. The committee's mission is to lead the process and to produce a proposal for a new Head of school to the Principal.

Any questions regarding the nomination process or the composition of the committee are answered by the nomination group chair Monica Ek,  or telephone 08-790 81 04.

To be valid, the nomination must have been received no later than 16 October 2019 via email to .

Use the attached template with motivation for your proposal / nomination.
Template (docx 52 kB)

Eligibility Head of School

Eligible to be Head of school is candidates who meets the eligibility requirements for employment as a professor or associate professor.

The Head of School must meet the assessment criteria included in the recruitment profile when recruiting a professor / associate professor, but with a priority focus on:

• Successful experience of leadership across major units with work environment and personnel responsibilities (such as Head of school, Vice head of school, Prefect or equivalent)

• Professor / Associate Professor at docent level with research leader experience

• Demonstrate formal leadership training of scope

• Demonstrated good ability to work with visions and strategies to develop the school and KTH

• Demonstrated good ability to implement change and be able to make decisions

• Demonstrated good collaboration skills in KTH, between schools, with KTH's management and the student union

• Legitimacy and integrity, ability to represent KTH externally

• Be able to present a vision for the current school's development in education, research and collaboration with society