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New mechanics organization will strengthen activities

Leif Kari, Head of SCI School. Photo: Sofia Nyström
Published Sep 27, 2018

The mechanical activities of the SCI School that consist of the Departments of Aeronautical & Vehicle engineering, Solid Mechanics and Mechanics will be reorganized into one joint department.

Internal and external assessments such as Research Assessment Exercise and Education Assessment Exercise have generated results over the years that point out that the mechanical activities at the SCI School maintain high quality education as well as high quality research. As the assessment also point out that there is an improvement potential especially when it comes to the collaboration between the subject areas, the Head of School has decided to implement a reorganization of the mechanical organisation. To his help, he has had an advisory workgroup.

One department

The resolution states that the current three department will be reorganized into one department, the Odqvist Laboratory in Engineering Mechanics, consisting of the three divisions Vehicle Mechanics, Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics (please note that the names in English might change later on).
– I was investigating different solutions that were presented to the workgroup before I finally concluded that one Mechanical organisation will promote cooperation between the subject areas and strengthen the business in a long term, Leif Kari, Head of SCI School, said.

Infrastructure and faculty development

Concrete proposals on how the management and funding of the Odqvist Laboratory may be arranged, as well as faculty renewal can be achieved through rejuvenation and gender balance work, was also mentioned in the previous report.
– With the new organizational structure it will be easier to make improvement measures that will contribute to competitive education and research, Leif Kari said.

A new workgroup that will work with the implementation phase has been appointed.

Text: Sofia Nyström