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SCI School Party 2022

Published Jun 21, 2022

On June 1st, our School organised a school-party at the restaurant Proviant. A total of 238 employees signed up for the party expressing interest to attend.

Prior to the party, a poster session was hosted by the PhD students of the SCI School. 

37 posters were displayed and guests had the chance to glance into innovative projects, cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art work that our outstanding students are conducting. A poster competition was arranged, and the best 3 posters won in the following order:

1st prize, Poster nr 19 - Wanhong Wang - The Severe Accident in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

2nd prize, Poster nr 26 - Thomas Frachon - Cut finite element methods for Darcy flow in fractured porous media

3rd prize, Poster nr 33 - Jana Vasiljevic - Neutron-gamma emission tomography

Sandra Di Rocco announcing the winners of the poster session.
The winner, Wanhong Wang on his way up to the stage to receive his prize and certificate
Map where people indicated their country of origin during the party.

Following the poster session the guests arrived at the restaurant, where they were given their name tags and greeted with a welcome drink. On a whiteboard there was a map and stickers, and all participants were encouraged to put a sticker on their country of origin. By the end of the party, a multinational and multicultural community emerged, where people from different fields and different parts of the world were mingling and socializing. Throughout the party an exquisite three course meal was served to all guests as well as drinks.

As the first performer, Klaus Kröncke (Associate Professor in Mathematics) played the piano during the dinner entertaining the guests with lovely music choices.

Klaus Kröncke (Associate Professor in Mathematics) playing the piano.

Towards the end of the evening the rock band Lüdersband, performed on stage, with great rock hits, leaving the audience in awe. It is worth-noting that the band was formed a few months earlier for the purpose of the event and practiced hard specifically for this performance! The members of the band are:

Philip Croné (PhD at Engineering Mechanics)

Armin Halilovic (PhD at Engineering Mechanics)

Erik Jungstedt (PhD at Engineering Mechanics)

Klaus Kröncke (Associate Professor in Mathematics) 

Victor Singer (not from KTH, external)

Soon after, all guests were making their way to the dance floor. Music rhythms and energetic dance moves kept the party going until midnight.  

Text: Elina Charatsidou