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Teachers with an interest in developing and Challenge-Driven Education

Published Apr 29, 2020

KTH Global Development Hub (GDH) develops and supports the implementation of concepts for challenge-driven education where student teams collaborate with various parts of society in projects targeting locally defined societal challenges that are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. GDH works in partnership with four African universities. A student exchange program gives students the opportunity to participate in challenge-driven projects at KTH or one of the partner universities.

GDH is looking for a teacher interested in participating in developing the GDH education concepts, training of teachers at KTH and the partner universities. Development areas includes, but are not limited to, design methodology, e-learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, and learning for sustainable development.

We are looking for a KTH teacher with a strong background in project-based learning methods, pedagogical development and an interest in global sustainable development.

The position is limited to one year at 30-50%. For more information contact GDH Director Jesper Vasell at .

Openlab is a challenge-driven innovation arena with a mission to accelerate the innovation capacity across disciplines among students, researchers to contribute to solve societal challenges for the citizens in the region of Stockholm.

Openlab  is looking for a KTH teacher for our mastercourse,7,5/15hp Innovation for the emerging city.  The course is using design thinking methodology where students are working in interdisciplinary teams with real challenges from the City of Stockholm and Stockholm region. The assignment involves teaching at Openlab, KTH campus at Valhallavägen 79 together with a creative team of teachers from Openlab partner universities: KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute and Södertörn University.

We are looking for a KTH teacher with a strong background in project-based learning methods and with a permanent teaching position at KTH.

The assignment is 20% with start autumn 2020.

For information contact Ivar Björkman, executive director at Openlab (tel +4673-6441413). Apply to:  no later than 24 May.