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Welcome lunch seminar for new PhD students

Published Oct 28, 2020

Last week, the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI) held a welcome lunch seminar for new PhD students. This is the first year such an event has been organized at our school.

We plan to, from now on, hold yearly welcome events for new PhD students. The participating PhD students met with members of the SCI management and learned about how SCI and our PhD education is organized. We also discussed how and with what the management can support the PhD students during their time at SCI. Furthermore, the SCI PhD Student Council informed about how student influence works at KTH and in Sweden. The seminar could be followed both physically on campus and through Zoom.

Program responsibles introducted themselves
Anna Delin, Kian Shaker and Sandra Di Rocco

If you as a new PhD student at SCI want to learn more about the SCI PhD Student Council, you can visit their website on the SCI intranet: