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Archives and registry

About Archive and registry section at KTH and the services offered.

Archives and Registry works to create a good management of business information where documents are efficiently and systematically created, received, used and preserved or culled. The document and information management aims both to secure the public's right to transparency in the operations by taking part of public documents and to create efficiency in KTH's work.

Our services

Management of public documents

  • Archiving and diary keeping

  • Document management plan and classification

  • Document coordinator


  • Request for disclosure of public document

  • Diary - W3D3

  • Registry

W3D3 support

  • Search portal

  • Education and authorization in W3D3


  • Support and advice on conservation issues

  • Search in KTH's archive

  • Search in KTH's personal archive

  • Searches and retrievals from KTH's central archive premises


Archive and Registrar’s Office is one of four groups at IT department , that is a part of the University Administration  at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Visiting address:
Brinellvägen 8
Mailing address: KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Telephone Registry: +46 8 08 790 7015
Telephone Archives: +47 8 08 790 8100
E-mail:  - questions about diary keeping etc.  - questions about public documents etc.  - questions about the long-term preservation of digital information.
Staff: Staff at Archive and registry

Head of unit