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User support

About User support the support and services offered.

User support (KTH IT-Support) shall and be perceived as the natural IT support channel for employees and students at KTH.

Support is offered via telephone, e-mail, on site at the users' premises, and via visits over the counter at KTH Entré , which is a coordinated reception desk for KTH's service functions.

Within the section, support is given to users of KTH's AV technology and video conferencing system as well as other IT equipment in most of KTH's premises such as undergraduate premises (GRU auditoriums and computer rooms) and other premises within GVS and the schools. Furthermore, support of KTH's standard printing solution (KTH-Print) is included.

The section's assignment also includes support regarding purchases and logistics of AV, Telecom and IT-related products.

Coordination of joint licenses at KTH is provided, this through contract management and by making products available that are part of the assignment.

The assignment also includes collection and evaluation of user needs, as well as proposals for improvements and efficiencies when using both the physical and virtual IT environment at KTH.

User support focuses on coordinating the human resources in the various support functions and thereby creating the ability to redistribute resources to the problems and activities that need to be taken care of, regardless of organizational boundaries. Furthermore, we focus on creating a local and proactive presence out at the schools.

We strive to be approachable to our users and provide quick and smooth support. This is through constant qualification and competence enhancement of our staff.

User support is organizationally divided into the following four groups: Technology support, TIL (Tele, purchases and licenses), Central IT support and Local IT support.

The sectioning is made to achieve effective operational and personnel management. However, the entire section shall be perceived as one unit based on case management and user perspective.

Our services

  • IT Workplace (KTH Windows, KTH Mac and KTH Ubuntu)
  • E-mail and calendar
  • Save documents and files
  • Backup
  • Network
  • IT security
  • Printing (KTH Print)
  • Computer rooms
  • Licensing issues
  • Purchasing/logistics of AV, Telecom and IT-related products
  • Telephony (landline and mobile)
  • AV technology in GRU and other premises at GVS and the schools
  • Video conference
  • E-learning questions (Canvas, etc.)
  • IT support for KTH's employees and students
  • Some other IT services

Information and guidance on how to order or get help with the various services is available through the following links:

IT Support for employees

Digital services for employees

IT orders

IT support and digital services for students


Visiting address:
Drottning Kristinas väg 6
Mailing address: KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 790 6600
Staff:  Staff at IT-Support

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