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Expert reports

KTH's Research Assessment Exercise 2021 is due to conclude in the beginning of 2022. The process involved 90 experts who reviewed KTH's research from nine self-evaluations. In addition, three cross-panels reviewed KTH's work in impact, research infrastructures and sustainability. This resulted in twelve expert reports with analysis and recommendations for KTH's future development.

Reports based on research area

Panel 1: Architecture and the Built Environment

Expert report, panel 1 (pdf 739 kB)

Chair: Professor Murray Fraser, London's Global University

Panel 2: Biotechnology

Expert report, panel 2 (pdf 542 kB)

Chair: Professor Dr. Dario Neri, ETH Zurich

Panel 3: Chemistry and Materials Science

Expert report, panel 3 (pdf 584 kB)

Chair: Professor Heikki Tenhu, University of Helsinki

Panel 4: Computer science

Expert report, panel 4 (pdf 397 kB)

Chair: Professor Virgil Gligor, Carnegie Mellon University

Panel 5: Intelligent Systems and Biomedical Engineering

Expert report, panel 5 (pdf 614 kB)

Chair: Professor Bart De Moor, KU Leuven

Panel 6: Energy and Electrical Engineering

Expert report, panel 6 (pdf 339 kB)

Chair: Professor Luisa F. Cabeza, University of Lleida

Panel 7: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Expert report, panel 7 (pdf 649 kB)

Chair: Professor Eero Eloranta, Aalto University

Panel 8: Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics

Expert report, panel 8 (pdf 472 kB)

Co-chairs: Professor Jorge Ambrósio, University of Lisbon , and Professor Nilima Nigam, Simon Fraser University

Panel 9: Physics and Applied Physics

Expert report, panel 9 (pdf 396 kB)

Chair: Professor Emeritus, Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt, TU Berlin

Cross-panel reports


Expert report, Impact (pdf 398 kB)

Chair: Professor Tim Bedford, University of Strathclyde

Research infrastructures

Expert report, Reseach infrastructures (pdf 290 kB)

Chair: Professor Max Lemme, RWTH Aachen University


Expert report, Sustainability (pdf 236 kB)

Chair: Professor Janet Hering, ETH Zürich