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Environmental courses and study programmes for employees

KTH’s employees, and people who work on assignment for KTH, must have adequate knowledge to perform their work duties in a manner consistent with KTH’s work with environment and sustainable development.

All employees must have basic knowledge and understanding of KTH’s environmental work and significant effects on the environment, as well as specific competency when required. Here you will find environment-related courses and study programmes for employees.

Basic environmental education - DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ONLINE COURSE Update in progress. Launched 2023-01-31

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Environmental work at KTH and ISO 14001

Introduction to environmental management system, ISO14001 and KTH’s environmental work, 1 hour in Swedish or English. To book a date, contact

Inventory takers in KLARA

The inventory tool in KLARA, course session for all inventory takers, both new and experienced. The course addresses, for example: how to reduce the risk of errors, how to create lists of chemicals, searching for chemicals that require authorisation, legislation and documentation of chemicals.

For current training courses see: KLARA-kemikaliehantering

KLARA risk assessment

To teach how to perform risk assessments in order to enhance chemical safety in laboratory work. What risks might you be exposed to in your work with chemicals? Why should you perform risk assessments? How is a risk assessment performed in KLARA? These and other important questions will be answered by this course.


LH215V - Learning for sustainable development

The overall purpose of the course is that, based on their own course subject, teachers should be able to integrate issues on sustainable development into the education so that the students complete the education with integrated knowledge and reflections within the subject of sustainable development. Entry requirements: LH201V Learning and Teaching, or equivalent. The course is free of charge to KTH employees.

Read more on the course web for Learning for sustainable development

Systematic fire protection work

Course in fire prevention - Swedish
The basic fire protection course for all employees at KTH, with information on how fires break out and what you can do to prevent them. You can also practice how to extinguish a minor fire using a fire extinguisher.

For more information on the course in systematic fire protection work, contact

What does ISO14001 say?

Competence, education and awareness

All employees, as well as individuals working on assignment for KTH, must be made aware of KTH’s environmental policy and environmental management system and the environmental aspects that relate to our activities. Individuals whose work could impact on the significant environmental aspects must have sufficient competence to perform their tasks. The need for education must also be identified and catered for in the programme syllabus according to procedure.