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Environment and sustainable development

KTH contributes to sustainable development through education, research and collaboration with societal partners. According to KTH's values, education and research should contribute to an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable societal development.

Reduce your climate footprint.

Travel-free meetings

KTH employees have the possibility to conduct various forms of travel-free meetings. Through digital meetings, you contribute to reducing your carbon dioxide emissions and create a more flexible meeting culture.

Tips for better hybrid meetings (

Good food habits for the environement

KTH strives to have as low an environmental impact as possible, therefore we encourage employees to order WWF's One Planet Plate with a lot of locally produced, vegetables and according to season.

Tips for ordering food service (

Sustainable transport alternatives

International train tickets cannot be booked in Egencia's online booking portal, but you can get help booking your train ticket from Egencia's customer service via chat, email or phone.

Business trip step by step (

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Digital course about KTH's sustainability work

All employees at KTH can contribute to sustainable development. This digital education is about KTH's sustainability goals and the work that is being done, and must be done, to reach them. As an employee, you must know the sustainability goals and know how, based on your role, you can contribute to them.

Estimated time required: approximately 40 min
Language: Swedish and English.

Learn more about sustainable development at KTH

Here is a presentation that you as a manager can use as support when creating dialogue about our work with sustainable development! The presentation explains the aim, purpose and background and is in both Swedish and English.
Presentation material internal training sustainable development at KTH (pdf 967 kB)


For more information or inquiries regarding the content of the training, contact
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KTH's environmental system ISO 14001

logotype "qvalify ISO 14001"

KTH's operations are certified according to the international environmental management standard ISO14001.

Learn more about the EMS here

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