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Education, research and collaboration

KTH's research, education and collaboration with society contribute to sustainable development. These positive contributions are important to include in our environmental management system as they are likely to have a greater environmental impact than our energy consumption and waste generation. As a result of their education from KTH, graduates will be able to contribute to reducing negative environmental impacts or increasing positive environmental impacts throughout their careers. Accordingly, the results of research conducted at KTH contribute to reducing or increasing environmental impacts.

Research Call: Environment and sustainability without boundaries

KTH Sustainability Office is looking for project applications that support multidisciplinary collaborations within KTH with relevance to environment and sustainable development. Apply now for a maximum of SEK 100 000 per project, but can in some cases be larger. Funding will be disbursed during 2022. Proposals targeting collaboration with small or medium sized enterprises (SME:s) can also apply for additionally SEK 50 000 for developing the collaboration. Apply here by May 18, 2022.

Call: Environment and sustainability without boundaries

Education Call: Education and sustainable development

SEK 1 million has been allocated for educational initiatives in sustainable development. Projects can extend up to two years, as the support will also be given next year (2021-2023).
We are happy to receive proposals where there can be duration and scalability, and preferably projects that involve several institutions, schools and programs. Apply by April 25, 2022


Toolbox - Research for sustainable development

The Research for sustainable development toolbox is developed by and for KTH researchers in order to provide easy access to resources that may be of help for you as a researcher when it comes to sustainable development.

Toolbox - Research for sustainable development

Toolbox - Learning for Sustainable Development 

Welcome to KTH's Toolbox for Learning for Sustainable Development. Here you can find tips and examples for the integration of sustainable development into teaching.

Toolbox - Learning for Sustainable Development

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More information about KTH’s education, research and collaboration in the areas of environment and sustainable development can be found on KTH's external website.

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