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Sustainability objectives and measures for research 2021-2025

Sustainability objectives

KTH is a leading technical university within research for sustainable development and a climate-neutral society.

Sub-targets to be achieved by the end of 2025 at the latest

2.1 In KTH's research base, the integration of sustainable development and climate research has increased (base year 2020). KTH's research base includes teachers, researchers, faculty funds for research, third-cycle education and centre formations, etc.

2.2 KTH has significant and increasing external grants within sustainable development from various financiers (base year 2020).

2.3 KTH's research leads to increased social value, which contributes to increased sustainable development (base year 2015).

Sub-targets to be achieved by the end of 2022 at the latest

2.4 KTH has strengthened interdisciplinary research in sustainable development (base year 2020).

2.5 Continuous and regular audits of KTH's research, utilization, and impact include sustainable development and climate issues.

2.6 KTH makes greater use of the campus areas in research on sustainable development and climate issues (base year 2020).

 Action plan for the university-wide sustainability objectives 2021-2025

The action plan describes measures, decision-makers, responsible manager in the line organisation, resources, and when the measures must be implemented at the latest and how decisions on the measures are to be communicated.

Action plan for the university-wide sustainability objectives 2021-2025 (docx 89 kB)


  1. Decisions are made on strategic investments in sustainable development and climate.
  2. Measures are implemented annually to obtain significant and increasing external funding for research on the environment, sustainable development, and climate.
  3. An interdisciplinary climate transition research centre or equivalent is established.
  4. Measures are implemented annually to create conditions so that KTH's research results contribute to innovation and utilization for sustainable development and climate.
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