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  • "An equal engineer is a better engineer"

    Can we be best in gender equality and thus deliver better engineers? Martin Edin Grimheden, Head of Department of Machine Design, thinks so. His mission is to make more people realize the same through education.

  • "We have come a long way, but the work never ends"

    As a doctoral student, Annika Borgenstam was already involved in gender equality issues and diversity. Today, she is head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and reflects on a journey that never seems to have an end.

  • A new fighter for equality

    Annika Borgenstam, Head of Materials Science, hands over the JMLA* role to Martin Edin Grimheden, Machine Design. Among other things, Annika has organized the ITM School's activities for gender equality, diversity and equal conditions. Now Martin wants to focus on how we can do to bring about change at all levels.

  • Martin meets JML enthusiasts

    Martin Edin Grimheden, JMLA* at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, is eager to learn about the engagement at all levels. In the series "Martin meets JML** enthusiasts" he interviews some of them. Why?

  • They eat their way to cultural understanding

    A international lunch with dishes from all over the world – Eleonora Boffa and Ove Bayard came up with the idea that became a valued event in their department.

  • “We must look at each other as equals”

    Liridona Sopjani means that seeing each others as equal humans can help us solve some hard global issues. If we listen to everyone's opinion and don’t judge because of looks, age or title we can reach far.

  • ”Everyone at KTH should take the course”

    Kalle Garme took the "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education" course and explains why he thinks all KTH employees should attend it.

  • "Some injustices are invisible"

    At the ITM School, more than twenty people engage in gender equality, diversity and equal conditions. Martin Edin Grimheden, JMLA at the School, met Petter Lagerström at the Service Center to talk about his engagement.

  • Awareness is key to equality

    At the ITM School, more than twenty people engage in gender equality, diversity and equal conditions. Martin Edin Grimheden, JMLA at the School, met Raquel Lizarraga Jurado at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) to learn about her engagement.

  • A firm grip on the work environment

    At the Department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK), there are top-class researchers in the fields of gender, organisation, and leadership. But what in theory seems easy, can be difficult in practice. The Head of Department Cali Nuur explains how the Department has developed its working environment over the past two years.

  • Energy Technology wants to attract women with role models

    At the Department of Energy Technology (EGI), 40% of the students are women, but in the faculty's Tenure Track*, 100% are men. "We have obviously failed to attract important talents," says Head of department Björn Laumert, who is now investing heavily in JML in the department's management team.

  • “If he still lived, I'd ask him how he made such an impact”

    Martin Edin Grimheden went to a funeral for an old colleague and returned with an eagerness to make an impact in people's lives. A man told his story about coming to KTH from abroad, being distressed by the Swedish culture and getting support from the old colleague – something that changed his life.

  • Remembering the force of MeToo

    Five years after MeToo started, Martin Edin Grimheden reflects on the impact of the movement and how it still influences equality issues – even after leaving the media spotlight.

  • ”We have worked for equal pay over the past four years”

    In the Martin Edin Grimheden series of interviews with *JML enthusiasts, it's the turn of the Head of the ITM School.

  • "We are losing talent and the opportunity to change the culture"

    In the ITM School's JML* group, mainly consisting of the heads of departments, the responsibilities have been divided between the participants. Björn Laumert, Head of Energy Technology, has focused on recruitment issues, and when Martin Edin Grimheden meets him, he is far from satisfied with the number of women at the department, but a plan is in place.

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